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Padma Paaduka ~ At the Divine Lotus Feet

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The day of the Padma Awards! As we scroll down the list of Padma awardees, once again, the mind wanders into the word ‘padma’. The perfect name for the awards since they are given for ‘distinguished and exceptional achievements.’

Lotus motif sarees

This Sanskrit word meaning lotus is a symbolism for divine beauty and purity. The padma is associated with Gods and Goddesses, holding this enchanting bloom or resting on it, and also one of the eight sacred symbols of the Ashtamangal. As a spiritual seeker, one is asked to be like the lotus which means remaining untainted by the slush around it. The padma is also symbolic of peace, equanimity and the highest level of spirituality.

For us, this word reflects purity and devotion. In what we do. In our endeavour to spread the wearing of handwovens. Our own uncompromising surrender to the divine lotus feet – Padma Paaduka!  

Among sari motifs, the padma stands apart. Its sheer beauty, perfection and proportion makes it a favourite motif among sari designers and weavers. As a single motif or as a tapestry of tangled lotuses as in this lovely Tussar sari, it always beckons. 

Lotus Tussar Sari


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