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My Stylish Best Contest for Seniors

Posted by Padma Paaduka on

They say 60 is the new 40—and silver is the new black! Indeed, with increased longevity and quality of life, India’s elders are putting their best foot forward, aiming to embrace their silver years not just with dignity but style and élan.


Here is an invitation for seniors (above 55 years) to share your best stylish photograph in a handwoven attire. The best entries stand a chance to get featured in Harmony-Celebrate Age’s upcoming 12th Anniversary Fashion Special issue. What’s more, you can also win attractive gift vouchers from Padma Paaduka - the Chennai store and online portal of fine handwovens. 

To Participate: You can post the photograph in Kai Thari - a facebook group. Since it is a women's forum, women can join the group and post straightaway. Men can ask one of their women folk to join the group. Alternately, you can also contact us at or WhatsApp us on +91 9600136668.

Handloom Contest

Contest Rules - My Stylish Best:

  1. Post a photograph (full profile) of yourself where you are dressed in your stylish best in handwovens. Your attire (any type of dress), accessories and hairstyle should reflect comfort and poise.
  2. Post the photograph in Kai Thari Facebook Group album on or before May 11, 2016.
  3. The photograph must be accompanied by a brief note (50-100 words) comprising: Full name | Age | Location | What you are wearing | Why is this your stylish best | What do you feel when you are dressed this way | Mention the image resolution (optional).
  4. You can post up to THREE entries. You can submit each of the entries on different days. If you wish, you can mention the entry number in the write-up.
  5. You can post photographs of yourself, your friends and your relatives. Open to both men and women above 55 years. You can post photographs of as many people as you wish, but not more than THREE entries per person.
  6. The photographs can be from your archives or from your earlier posts, but they should not be older than two years ago. 

Prizes: The best SEVEN entries will win a gift voucher of Rs 1000/- each from Padma Paaduka.

P.S: Images with a resolution of 300 dpi and above stand a chance to be featured in the print edition of Harmony-Celebrate Age as well as their online portal.  Images with a lower resolution will get a chance to be featured only in the online portal.


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