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The Soft Focus Effect in Bhagalpuri Tussar Sarees

Posted by Padma Paaduka on

As women who enjoy dressing, you may have discovered many ways to look special. Colours, textures and weaves which suit you best. Ever dressed to create a soft focus effect? You may wonder about this phrase 'soft focus' - one connected with photography lens. While looking through our Bhagalpuri Tussar collection, it suddenly struck us that we were looking at sarees with subtle hues and hazy, mystical beauty. Almost like the diffused effect of a soft focus lens…

Online Tussar Sarees Bhagalpur
The USP of a Bhagalpuri lies in its unique dyeing process. The silk used may be Tussar, but the tiny town of Bhagalpur in Bihar sits plum on the saree map with its closely guarded secret for weaving exquisite sarees. But we can easily see that the weaving technique used in Bhagalpuris imparts a characteristic blurred look to the design. Almost like a ribbed texture.

Ask any Bhagalpuri lover and you will hear that these sarees are attractive and easy to maintain. They boast of intricate weaves, a flowing texture and are infused with rich colours created from natural dyes. Easy to drape, these sarees gently flow into soft silhouettes, making one feel like a diva. Even the contrasts are subtle, not sharp. One look at a Bhagapuri saree will tell you that these sarees spell complete sophistication with the way their unusual colours are created, diluting shades and pigments to perfection.

The panache of these sarees lies in being diffused and soft, not stark or defined, once again explaining the soft focus effect.

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