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Favourite Handwoven Saris ~ Sabita Radhakrishna Chooses

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When two handloom lovers get together, what is bound to happen? A special conversation, no doubt! Handloom expert Sabita Radhakrishna discusses her favourite sari choices with Pratibha Jain in a tete-a-tete for Harmony-Celebrate Age Magazine. Enjoy the photographs of Tara Jain, Reema Sundaram, Vatsala Pai, Sabita Radhakrishna, Malini Krishnagopal, Sharmila Bajoria & Sulakshana Arora and their gorgeous saris! Co-ordination and clicks by Padma Paaduka!

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Sabita Radhakrishna & Pratibha Jain

As part of their 12th anniversary celebrations, Harmony-Celebrate Age Magazine came up with the concept of “The Style Files” as their cover feature. A magazine for seniors, they decided to focus on fashion for seniors with the slogan "Silver is the new black!" Indeed, with increased longevity and quality of life, India’s elders are putting their best foot forward, aiming to embrace their silver years not just with dignity but style and élan. For this very special issue, they featured personalities and experts on fashion for seniors. Sabita Radhakrishna's name was bound to be on the list. They approached their columnist Pratibha Jain who happily agreed to speak with Sabita. Here is an extract: 

"Remember draping your mom’s sari as a child while she wasn’t looking? And thinking of her taste as old-fashioned while you grew up! Well, things have changed—grandma’s saris are ‘in’! Now, mothers and daughters make two blouses with the same sari, one for each of them, each sporting a different ‘look’ with the same sari!

Speaking about the welcome revival of interest in Indian weaves, handloom expert Sabita Radhakrishna shares 12 of her favourite sari choices with Pratibha Jain, who heads Padma Paaduka, a handwoven sari store in Chennai. “It’s a tough choice to make considering India has so many weaves and such a vibrant range of colours,” says Radhakrishna. “What delights me most is that the wearing of a handwoven sari is a tribute to the weaver.”

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