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Inspired by the Sacred Rivers ~ Ganga Jamuna Saris

Posted by Padma Paaduka on

Have you ever wondered why we refer to some saris as the Ganga Jamuna saris? 

The sensuous yards of fabric in a sari, the way it falls and sways when draped, undoubtedly evokes the image of a flowing river. Perhaps, the river is symbolic of a woman’s beauty and depth, which gives it its feminine identity. 

Ganga Jamuna Sarees

And then there is the confluence of rivers – the famous sangam – invariably becoming a spot of historical, cultural and spiritual significance. In India, the most popular of these is the triveni sangam, where the rivers Ganga and Jamuna merge with the unseen Saraswati. Seers tell us that in the visible confluence of these two rivers, it is the invisible presence of the glorious Saraswati that has given the sangam a powerful presence sustained over centuries.  Though, that doesn’t take away from Ganga’s and Jamuna’s unique personalities - one deep while the other shallow, one calm while the other vibrant, one with a noticeable greenish tinge while the other clear as crystal.

patola silk sarees

Such is also the universal yet individualistic magic of the Ganga Jamuna saris. These are saris where the top border is in one colour while the lower border is in another colour, both forming a lovely contrast or complement with each other and the body of the sari.

Each sari in our hand-picked collection is such an enigma of colour and contrasts, and it is in this sangam of colours and weaves that one beholds a picture of beauty and harmony. Take a look!

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